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Monday, March 2, 2015

Steamed Fish With Lemon and Sour Plum

This steamed fish recipe was shared by a friend. According to her, it is quite similar to Teochew style steamed fish minus several ingredients like mushrooms, pork and tofu.
With less ingredients, this steamed fish dish is nevertheless tasty. Cooked specially with freshly caught fish from my hubby’s fishing trip, it is awesome.  
Enjoyed every bit of the sweet freshness of the fish with the sourish and savoury sauce.
The next few posts that I'll be sharing are all fish dishes cooked using freshly caught fishes from my hubby's fishing trip.  These fishes were caught before Chinese New Year and we had a good time enjoying them even before the new year when others are going after fishes for CNY steamboat, hehehe!.  Thanks to you my dear, hubby for bringing home such lovely fishes for us.
1 whole fish – cleaned and keep whole
2-3 sour plums
Lemon juice to taste
Dash of shaoxing wine
2-3 stalks spring onions – cleaned and knotted
Some sliced spring onions and coriander leaves

  1. Stuff spring onions into the fish bladder.
  2. Spread sour plum over fish.
  3. Steamed over high heat for 10 minutes or until cooked through.
  4. Remove from heat, pour in lemon juice and shaoxing wine.
  5. Garnish with chopped spring onions and coriander leaves.
  6. Serve immediately while still hot.
Malay Style Fish Curry
This curry was easy to cook and so good with fresh fish


Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, this fish dish looks really god in the 2nd photo! Your hubby has a very good hobby hee..hee...

Madeline said...

Oh Kimmy you are so lucky to have fresh fish!! I love steamed fish. Can I join u for dinner? :) Look forward to more fish recipes from u ;) thanks for sharing.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, he really loves this hobby to the extend of buying a fishing boat. His friend bought one too after seeing his catch. These days they go fishing together but cook the fishes separately and differently ......

Kimmy said...

Hi Madeline, sure you can join us. I cooked a Malay style fish curry which was so good with one of the fishes but I only agak-agak the ingredients. I have added the photos in this post without the recipe.

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