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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pandan Lime Jelly Cordial

A very nice, aromatic, cold dessert with combination of aromas from pandan leaves, lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime leaves.  The texture and taste is quite similar to the Taiwanese dessert called 'Ai Yu' [see post here and picture below] but this is actually jelly cooked to the same texture.

Not too difficult to prepare but definitely refreshing chilled dessert for a warm afternoon.

Recipe adapted from Yum Yum Magazine 
Ingredients - A
5 pandan leaves - knotted
2 stalks lemongrass - lightly bruised
5 cm piece ginger - lightly smashed
5 kaffir lime leaves
1300 ml water
Ingredients - B
90 gm instant jelly powder [use either plain or lime flavour jelly powder]
75 gm sugar
Ingredients - C
500 ml hot boiling water
5 tbsp sugar
Juice of 8 calamansi lime [limau kasturi] 
  1. Dissolve sugar in hot boiling water.  Add in the lime juice.  Mix well and refrigerate before use.
  2. Bring A to boil, then reduce heat to simmer for 45 minutes.  Strain the liquid.  The liquid should be about 700-750 ml left.
  3. Return to heat and add in B.  Stir until sugar and jelly powder are dissolved.
  4. Pour mixture into a container and allow it to set.  Refrigerate it.
  5. Serve cold by scooping chilled jelly to a serving bowl and drizzle in chilled lime cordial.  Add some crushed ice if preferred.

 hosted by Lavender and Lovage

Cooking with Herbs

I'm also linking this post to Cook Your Books #4 hosted by 
Joyce of  Kitchen Flavours

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ivy sew said...

Looks so refreshing and easy too :)

joceline lyn said...

look very special ~ :)

Echo's Kitchen -- A Taste of Memories said...

this is interesting!

Zoe said...

Hi Kimmy,

I can imagine that it must really nice drinking this refreshing drink on a hot hot day!


Kimmy said...

Hi Ivy, you should give it a try. I believe your family will like it.

Kimmy said...

Hi Joceline, it's nice, quite expensive for the portion if you were to buy outside.

Kimmy said...

Hi Echo's Kitchen, these herbs used are beneficial to our digestive system and it isn't sweet at all.

Kimmy said...

Hi Zoe, should be nice dessert for gatherings. Can be served warm or chilled.

kitchen flavours said...

Hi Kimmy,
A lovely cooling dessert that is so welcoming anytime of the day!
Thank you for sharing with CYB!

Kimmy said...

Hi Joyce, I'm still thinking about it. The children love it very much.

Phong Hong said...

Kimmy, this dessert looks very elegant. I am very tempted to try it. It must be very soothing to take this on a hot day.

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, I'm sure you will like this dessert.

yal said...

Is it the packet jelly powder sold in supermarket or the instant jelly powder used for cream cheese cake topping?

Kimmy said...

Hi Yal, I couldn't get plain jelly powder for this dessert so I used Nona brand lime flavour instant jelly that comes in a small box. That's why the jelly is green in colour. The plain one should be crystal clear beige colour.

Grace Phua said...

Kimmy, your pandan cordial looks exceptionally refreshing for a hot and humid day!! I love it :)

Kimmy said...

Hi Grace, whenever I receive a comment on this post, I'm so tempted to prepare it again. It's really refreshing when chilled.

yal said...

Thank you for your reply.

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