Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How To Prepare Gingko Nuts

Method 3 - Gingko Nuts Are Dry - Good for Storing
There are several ways to prepare the Gingko nuts before cooking which I have tried. 
  1. At the very beginning, I just break the nut shells with a small hammer, remove the hard cover, feel off the brownish skin and the inner stem [the bitter part].  I have to be careful not to smash too hard  and is very tedious to remove the inner skin. 
  2. Then, I learned another way that is by boiling the gingko nuts in water for 10 - 15 minutes or until the nut shells crack slightly.  Discard the water and break the nut shells with a small hammer, remove the cover and the skin comes off at the same time, but it is wet and messy.  No need to remove the stem [bitter part] because it is not bitter anymore. 
  3. The next way I discovered was to rinse the nuts, then pan fry for  about 5 - 10 minutes.  Cool it and break the hard cover.  The brownish skin also comes off easily most times with the hard cover.  This way the nuts are dry and firm and there is no need to remove the stem because you may not see any stems and it is not bitter.  I found that this way is a better way if you wish to prepare, pack and freezed it until later use.  Can keep up to several months in the freezer.  Just thaw to room temperature and it is ready  for use.
Pan fry rinsed gingko nuts [5-10 minutes]
The inner skin comes off with the hard cover


Julamn said...

Thanks Kimmy I appreciate your suggestions. 10 min. On stovetop worked for me. They never started to pop because I just used a little nonstick spray. Love the bright green color!

Unknown said...

Thanks n loves your good sharing