Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I not good at eating fish especially those with bones.  The best option to enjoy fish is to choose  fish fillets or meaty fish with minimal bones like shark fish, stingray, Spanish mackerel, salmon, cod fish etc. 
This fish dish  with black pepper sauce suits me well.  The spicy nice of aroma of black pepper coupled with the other accompaniments and fried fish fillets is awesome.  I can enjoy my plate of rice with this alone.  You can reduce the spiciness by adjusting the amount of black pepper used but the portion here is acceptable to me.
This dish is quick to cook if you have a microwave oven.  My friend's way is to pre-fry a big portion of the fish fillets ahead of meal time or even days before and then store them in refrigerator.  Reheat the fish fillets while she cook up the sauce, toss well and dish up to serve.  Really quick way.  I know many of my neighbours are doing this but I haven't tried as I don't have a microwave oven.
200 gm fish fillet - sliced thickly and marinate with dash of salt, pepper and sesame oil then coated with 1 tbsp each of cornflour and rice flour
50 gm green capsicum - seeded and cut wedges
1 red chilli - seeded and cut diamond shape
1 onion - cubed
1 tomato - cubed
a few slices ginger
2 pips garlic - sliced
1 stalk spring onion - cut sections
Sauce Ingredients
1 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
dash of msg or 1/4 tsp sugar
50 ml water
  1. Heat up enough oil to pan fry fish fillets in batches until cooked and golden brown, dish up on to serving plate.  You can deep fry fish fillet, too.
  2. Remove excess oil.  Using the same wok, saute ginger and garlic until aromatic, add in onions, tomatoes, capsicum and chilli.  
  3. Stir to mix well, pour in sauce ingredients and bring to a quick boil or until gravy is slightly thick. 
  4. Lastly add in spring onions, pour over fried fish and serve immediately.  You can return fried fish to wok, toss well and dish up to serve.


  1. Kimmy, that looks good! I am all for cooking ahead but somehow I always feel that fish is not so nice cooked in advance. I have ti change my thinking!

  2. Hi Kimmy. I have been your silent reader and love your recipe. This fish fillet recipe looked simple and makes me want to try it some day.

    I have microwave oven at home but I dont really know how to use it. Lol.

  3. I love fish and have cooked chicken with black pepper sauce. This recipe looks great and I will try it soon.