Monday, July 11, 2011

Family Style Yam Rice

It is good quality yam [ see its texture and colour]
My neighbour gave me two home grown local yam [sorry forgotten to take a picture of them].  Since, I was not too sure of the quality, I suggested to my Ma to cook Yam Rice for the family.  If it is no good, we can just eat the rice.  It has been a long time my Ma did not cook this rice because my Pa doesn't eat yam because of stomach wind.
Below is my Ma's way of cooking Yam Rice, quite simple procedures compared to my MIL's recipe but taste good because the yam is of good quality [soft, fragrant and sweet].  The family finished it with no leftovers.

[serves 8]
600 gm yam - cut as shown on photo above
3 tbsp fried prawns - wash and drain
150 gm meat - boiled and cut shreds
5 shallots - sliced
600 gm rice - wash/drain dry
2-3 tsp salt and 1 chicken stock granules to taste
1 tsp pepper
1-2 tbsp dark soy sauce [for colour]
3-4 tbsp oil
some chopped coriander leaves/chinese celery - kin chye
  1. Heat oil in wok to fry shallots till golden and crispy, push aside and add in dried prawns and meat.  Fry to combine well and add in yam pieces.  Fry till aromatic and add in rice, stir to mix, lower fire and add in dark soy sauce and seasoning to taste.  Stir to combine well all the ingredients.
  2. Dish out into rice cooker pot.  Add enough water to cook rice.  When rice is cooked, fluff up with a fork.  Serve yam rice with chopped coriander or kin chye and a bowl of soup [any soup that you prefer with some green vegetables].   
Fried Yam Rice Ready to be  cooked in rice cooker
My Ma prepared this soup to go with the Yam Rice.  The soup stock is from the boiling of the meat for yam rice.  She adds in assorted fishballs, with extra slices of boiled meat and bok choy.
This is the soup we had with Yam Rice

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