Friday, December 18, 2020


A great idea to prepare this dish, Braised Soy Sauce Chicken.  I would suggest to make more of this and reserved it to serve with steamed rice, blanched noodles or even as a stuffing for steamed buns.   Serve in various ways, it would be good all through because the braised chicken and sauce are both delicious and tasty.  Just assembled it by serving it whole or in shreds with a spread of the sauce over rice, noodles and buns.  The sauce gravy is savoury sweet.  
This recipe is enough to braise about 300 gm  chicken wings [middle section] but I prefer to cook chicken whole legs or drumsticks.
[serves 2 with rice]
1 chicken whole leg [large size] - cleaned and pat dry
2 cloves garlic - sliced
5-6 pieces ginger sliced
1 piece rock sugar or several small ones
2 tbsp light soy sauce [good quality soy sauce]
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1-2 tbsp Shaoxing wine
  1. Heat a non stick wok, add some cooking oil, saute ginger and garlic until aromatic. 
  2. Add in chicken piece [meat side down] to fry until golden brown on both sides [you may not be able to brown every part of it]. 
  3. Add in all the seasoning, rock sugar and water.  Bring to a rolling boil for 5-10 minutes.  Lower heat and let it simmer until the chicken whole leg is cooked through.  Occasionally, remove cover to turn meat to coat with sauce, for even colour and cooking.
  4. Add more water if it dries up but the chicken is not cooked yet.  Braised a little longer until the gravy is of runny consistency.  Thicken sauce with cornstarch water.
  5. Dish up, garnish with spring onions.  OR
  6. Cool and shred the meat into shreds and serve with rice.

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