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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Recently, joined my Taichi group for a Day Trip to Ipoh.  I didn't know that this meal [Ta Fong Soh] was included.  This is the second time I had this at the same restaurant.
The first time I tried this meal was also on a Day Trip to Ipoh with friends. The food was no longer hot  or warm [except the Fish Beehoon Soup] due to the diners busy snapping at it before enjoying it. 
The second time the food tastes much better as the diners just took photos of the food instead of posting with the food platter for photo shooting.
 This food platter consists of roasted chicken,  fried fish, baby abalone, prawns, scallops, seafood rolls, lobster salad, seafood meatballs etc.  It is for a table of ten and everyone will get an equal share of all the variety of food served. 
 Most diners say that the portion served is really very filling to one's tummy.
Of all the varieties, I love the fried fish fillets most [quite similar in taste to the Butter Prawns] serve with some stir fried fresh Shimeji mushrooms, ginger and spring onions.  Very tasty, I like.
 If you ate the others before this seafood meatball in the oval bowl, you probably will not be able to finish this because your tummy would be full by then.

 The baby abalone is served on a spoon with a piece of fish maw at the bottom.  The scallop is served over a piece of winter melon [I think] on the sauce plate below the abalone.
The prawn is placed over fish paste served on a spoon too. The fried rice vermicelli lining the plate is not good to eat as they are no longer crispy. 
 The lobster meat salad consists of some lobster meat some fruits [apples/honey dew melon etc] cut into cubes  with mayonnaise. 
The fried fish head and bone is removed from the platter immediately to prepare a Fish Beehoon soup towards the end of the meal.  The noodle soup is quite tasty.

 The roasted chicken is removed too to be served later in two ways. One - roasted chicken skin with a thin layer of meat served with canned pineapple slices and two - the remaining chicken meat is used for stir frying with celery cubes and grounded peanuts served with salad leaves.
These rolls with a strip of seaweed and sweet peanut sauce is something like fish fillet wrap with beancurd skin and deep fried.  This is quite tough and chewy. 
  Lastly, there is this fruit platter.  Overall, great try and experience.  


Phong Hong said...

Hi Kimmy! I saw a similar meal like this in one Ipoh blogger's post. Very impressive the way it is served and plated. So grand and I wish I could experience it. Lucky you!

Kimmy said...

Hi Phong Hong, there are many Day Trips organised by groups for sightseeing and this dinner meal from Penang. My second trip was really worth the price I paid. Lunch and dinner were provided. For lunch we had Kampar Chicken Curry Bread with many other dishes and rice.

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